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Penang Art Society


The Penang Art Society is the oldest art society in Malaysia and it was established not just for artists but for all those who appreciate all forms of art including fine art, calligraphy, poetry, music, photography, bonsai, fengshui and stone carvings among other things. The purpose of establishing this society was to bring art lovers together and to provide them with a platform with the intention of creating an awareness of art in Malaysia.

Ch'ng Huck Theng
President of the Penang Art Society

H560 x W380 Golden Shower.jpg

Innocent (2006)
380 x 560 mm, Watercolour

Penang Art Society @ 56

Celebrating 56 years, the Penang Art Society invites Miss Tan Cheng Cheng to participate in a joint exhibition with the Art Society. This exhibition features 3 of Miss Tan Cheng Cheng's paintings.  

Golden Shower
560 x 380 mm, Watercolour

"The selected paintings showcase a skilful blend of colours; making full use of the watercolour's properties to achieve the vibrant orchids displayed in the foreground and softly blended background elements, coming together in an organic composition as a whole."
H560 x W380 Pink Diamond.jpg

Pink Diamond
560 x 380 mm, Watercolour

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