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[EX] 9 Close-knit.jpg

760 x 560 mm, Watercolour

Dignified yet graceful; colorful yet elegant; exquisite yet resilient: these words best describe my admiration for orchids. It is these qualities that have inspired me to capture the vitality and fascinating variety of this flower. Now, it is my great pleasure to share with you the beauty and timeless charm of Orchids.


Tan Cheng Cheng
Artist, Singapore
June 2001

[EX] 3 Loving.jpg

750 x 560 mm, Watercolour

[EX] 4 Innocence.jpg
[EX] 1 Vanda Miss Joaquim 'Agnes'.jpg

Vanda Miss Joaquim "Agnes"
750 x 560 mm, Watercolour

[EX] 2 Blown Over.jpg

Blown Over
380 x 560 mm, Watercolour

280 x 370 mm, Watercolour

[EX] 5 Radiant.jpg

280 x 370 mm, Watercolour

[EX] 7 Millenium Gold.jpg

Millennium Gold
760 x 560 mm, Watercolour


The art of painting orchids has been much appreciated in both East and West. For example, Cymbidium Orchid Blossoms have long featured in Chinese Paintings. In Europe in the nineteenth century, coloured illustrations long pre-dated the invention of coloured photographs. They were important for botanists and growers, to preserve the characteristics of the plants they described, catalogued and tried to grow. Many of the earlier botanical illustrators were famous for the quality and painstaking care of their paintings.

With the advent of orchid hybridisation, the interest in orchid paintings continued. Appreciation was not confined to the accuracy of paintings done for botanical purposes, but embraced the aesthetic and artistic merits of orchid portraits. The Royal Horticultural Society, which maintained records of orchid hybrids and gave awards to the most outstanding new hybrids, commissioned paintings of these awarded flowers.

Tan Cheng Cheng is in this aesthetic tradition, portraying orchids in arrangements that bring out the striking beauty and grace of the flowers. Looking at her paintings we recognise the orchids but see also how the artist has contrived a setting uniquely suited to each one. Orchids provide an inexhaustible challenge to the artist, through the variety of their shape and colour. With much labour and care Tan Cheng Cheng has provided an undoubtedly Singapore's premier painter in this genre, and her dedication and fascination with the subject is obvious.

On behalf of the Orchid Society of South East Asia, I warmly congratulate her on her achievement and welcome one and all to this beautiful exhibition of her work.

John Elliot Signature.png

Dr. John Elliot


Orchid Society of South East Asia

5 June 2001

[EX] 8 Bundles of Blessing.jpg

Bundles of Blessing
750 x 560 mm, Watercolour

[EX] 12 Sunshine.jpg
[EX] 6 Blooming Delight.jpg

Blooming Delight
750 x 560 mm, Watercolour

[EX] 8 Prosperity.jpg


760 x 560 mm, Watercolour


380 x 560 mm, Watercolour

[EX] 11 Orchid in a Cup.jpg

Orchid in a Cup

380 x 560 mm, Watercolour

[EX] 10 Graceful.jpg


750 x 560 mm, Watercolour

[EX] 15 Attached.jpg


750 x 560 mm, Watercolour

[EX] 13 I will follow Thee.jpg

I will follow Thee

380 x 560 mm, Watercolour

[EX] 19 Madam Butterfly.jpg

Madam Butterfly

760 x 560 mm, Watercolour

[EX] 14 Joyful Hearts.jpg
[EX] 16 Spring in the Valley.jpg

Spring in the Valley

380 x 560 mm, Watercolour

Joyful Hearts

380 x 560 mm, Watercolour

[EX] 20 Soaring High.jpg

Soaring High

380 x 560 mm, Watercolour


As a serious orchid hobbyist I have often been rather concerned to see orchid paintings which do not capture the likeness of flowers, although I understand that the artist must have his artistic license. Thus, when I first set eyes on Tan Cheng Cheng's water colours of orchids, I not only felt a strong sense of relief but also experienced something akin to excitement. 

Here are orchid paintings which are a joy to behold. Cheng Cheng's creations reveal not just skillful execution with great accuracy of depiction, but encompass a practiced eye towards composition and the intuitive use of light, depths and shadows.

If ever there was a happy co-existence between dynamic interplay and a sense of whimsy playfulness, Cheng Cheng's efforts clearly demonstrate this. Her strong background in the Chinese Brush, together with a masterly command of water colour as a medium gives full scope to the atmospherics of each piece - a fact that gives the paintings there spellbinding qualities which are virtually impossible to capture in any ordinary photograph. In truth, some works possess a sense of drama which would not look out of place in a theatre poster, whilst others are reminiscent of a botanical approach made famous by many established artists going back over the last two centuries. Such is Cheng Cheng's vast repertoire and incredible talent.

I wish her well in this very remarkable exhibition. And to all who come to view it, I say "In whichever way orchids appeal to you, do enjoy yourself and marvel at nature's creations, as seen through the eyes of a rare talent who understands its beauty and expresses it in all its glory."

Peggy Tan

1st Vice President

Orchid Society of South East Asia

17 June 2001

Peggy Tan Signature.png
[EX] 21 Mystique.jpg


380 x 560 mm, Watercolour

[EX] 22 Harmony.jpg


380 x 560 mm, Watercolour

[EX] 23 Gentleness in Resilience.jpg

Gentleness in Resilience

380 x 560 mm, Watercolour

[EX] 17 Snow Beauty.jpg

Snow Beauty

760 x 560 mm, Watercolour

[EX] 18 Dendrobium Singapore Changi Airp

Dendrobium Singapore Changi Airport

760 x 560 mm, Watercolour

Fascination with Orchids series

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