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Sweet Fragrance, Watercolour

In the news

An archive news features.

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Shin Min Daily News

On 13th December 2013, the exhibition Orchid Boulevard was featured on Shin Min Daily News.

The New Paper, 2006.jpg
The New Paper

On the 16th December 2006, Ms Tan was featured with her orchid-motif neck ties - one of the many experimental mediums she tried painting on.

Our Talents in the Town-1.jpg
Other Publications

Tan was featured in a community publication on August 2004.

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Malaysian Newspaper

In an untraced news article dating back to the 90s, Ms Tan was featured for her Chinese brush painting, “虎视”

Lianhe Zaobao, undated.jpg
Local Chinese Newspaper

Ms Tan was featured on the papers as a part of 3 female artist's group exhibition - Chinese brush painting (1994).

New Chinese Daily News.jpg
New Chinese Daily News

7 February 1994

Thailand News Paper, 1994 February 8.jpg
Thai Newspaper

On the 8th of February 1994, Tan was featured on the Sing Sian Yer Pao, a Bangkok publication.

9th March, 1991.jpg
Lianhe Wanbao

On 9th of March, 1991, Tan was featured on the local newspaper.

Straits Times, March 15 12991.jpg
The Straits Times

Tan's Chinese brush painting solo exhibition was featured on the Straits Times events section on the 15th of March, 1991.

Shin min fuli.jpg

On 16th March, 1991, Tan was featured on the local newspaper.

8 Days, 16 March 1991.jpg
8 Days, 16 March 1991 Cityguide.jpg
8 Days Magazine

Tan's exhibitions were widely publicised, featured within city guides from 8 Days Magazine on the 16th of March, 1991

Local Chinese Newspaper

4th January, 1984. Tan was featured for her Chinese brush paintings.

1984, January 4th.jpg
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